Article to Appear in Sawtry Eye



 As some residents will have noticed, archaeological excavations were undertaken by Oxford Archaeology East (OAE) at Chapel End (St Andrews Way) and Gidding Road earlier in the year.  Community archaeologists from Sawtry History Society and other local volunteer archaeologists were fortunate to have been invited to participate in both excavations.


Chapel End (St Andrews Way)

OAE began excavating at Chapel End between March and August 2017 on behalf of the developers Lodge Park and their agents CgMS Consulting Ltd. We revealed the remains of Medieval occupation on the eastern side of the village close to the Church. The remains of a medieval building, quarry pitting and evidence of field boundary ditches were found. The site however was never densely occupied and has been mostlty used for keeping animals for the last 500 years.


Gidding Road

OAE investigated the fields south of Gidding Road in April and May 2017 to determine if any archaeology was present. This work was also for CgMS Consulting Ltd. Following a geophysical survey, trial trenches were opened and these have revealed remains of a late Iron Age and Roman settlement that survives on the site.These remains lie beneath later medieval ridge and furrow cultivation and suggest that no one has lived on this land since the Romans.

If any further excavations take off on Gidding Road , then it will be possible to better understand the archaeology we have found  but at the moment we only have a tantalising glimpse of these ancient remains.


 Oxford Archaeology East