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 Sawtry History Society (SHS) Field Walking Survey 15 - 16th October 2018

1. Venue   Abbey Farm Sawtry - Large field between the farmhouse and  the Abbey Site field. The survey site relative to Abbey Farm is at attachment 2 and attachment 3 with grid markings . Parking and route to the site is at attachment 4.  Please remember that this is a working farm with a tenant business co-located and show due consideration and awareness accordingly. Unfortunately the site is not accessible by public transport.

2. Participation   Participation is open to all members of the Sawtry History Society(SHS), residents of Sawtry and members of the Jigsaw affiliated archaeology groups/societies.

3. Application     Those wishing to participate are to complete the SHS participation application form. Further details are contained in the application form. 

 20180825 SHS - Application Form - Oct 18.docx

4. Programme    The daily routine will loosely follow the timings below:

Day & Date                                    Times                          Activity

 Monday 15th October 18                  08.30 -  08.45                        Arrival
                                                          08.45 -  09.00                        Site Safety Induction
09.00 -  12.00                        Field Walk (breaks as required)

                                                          12.00 -  13.00                        Lunch
                                                          13.00 -  16.00                        Field Walk (breaks as required)

Tuesday 16th October 18                   08.30 - 08.45                       Arrival
                                                           08.45 - 09.00                       Site Safety Induction    
                                                           09.00 - 12.00                        Field Walk (breaks as required)
                                                           12.00 - 13.00                        Lunch     
                                                           13.00 - 16.00                        Field Walk (breaks as required)

5. Welfare    a)  Unfortunately no toilet facilities are available, other than those provided by nature.

                       b)  Participarts should bring lunch and sufficient refreshments for the duration of their participation.
                            Field walking can be physically demanding and despite the time of year , requires regular
                       c)  Participarts should wear sturdy and comfortable outdoor clothing and footwear. Layered clothing allows
                            for personal comfort to be maintained as weather conditions change.  

       d)   Participants may wish to bring other items for personal comfort such as a small camping chair to sit on during breaks
                                     and lunch, gloves, hat, scarf.

6. Insurance    SHS INsurance includes Public Liability and small personal accident cover. SHS members are covered by this in insurance so will not be required to make any additional payment. Jigsaw affiliates participating under their group/society insurance are to provide confirmation of the Public Liability and small personal accident cover provided, otherwise they will also be required to pay the fee of £1.00. Alternit
ively, those taking part may wish to consider their own personal accident insurance and should seek advice from an insurance company beforehand to eensure the correct type and level of insurance is purchased.

7. Survey Format  This is the second field walking survey to be undertaken on this field and will follow the format below:
                         a) presentaion of field walking principles and methodology
                         b) Overview of historic site activity and field usage.
                         c) Explanation of how finds will be processed and recorded.

                         d) Undertake the field walking survey.

 8. Images      Attached below are links to some Google Earth Images (1 - 4) of the Survey Area.   
attachment 1 -    20180820 Google Earth - Sawtry and Abbey Farm.pdf
attachment 2 -    20180820 Google Earth - Abbey Farm and Survey Site.pdf
attachment 3-    20180820 Google Earth - Survey Site with Survey Grid Overlay.pdf

attachment 4 -   Parking and route to the site image to be revised