Historical Anniversaries

 Oct 14th 2016 saw the 950th Anniversary of the Battle of Hastings where William, Duke of Normandy defeated Harold Godwinsson, the last Anglo Saxon king and thus ended the rule of the Anglo Saxons in England and  the rule of the Norman kings began. William was crowned in Westminster Abbey on Christmas Day 1066 an became known as William the Conqueror and changed the face of England and Britain forever. The history of Sawtry was also changed as Huntingdonshire became an important county and much of the land around Sawtry was owned by Judith De Lens, niece of  King William, having inherited a lot of the land after her husband, Waltheof an Anglo Saxon Earl who was captured at the Battle of Hastings, was executed for treason for a supposed revolt against the king. King William embarked upon a serious Castle building program, manly of which are still standing today and did a complete survey of all the land holdings in England in 1086 which became known as The Domesday Book.