Old Names for Sawtry Village

The village of Sawtry had three manors, each with a church, probably wooden, and a manor house listed when the Domesday Book was written in 1086, which meant that the village settlement was already established by that time. Below is a list of the various names for the village, starting with the Anglo Saxon and early Norman names, before it finally became the Sawtry we know today. 

Saltreim (meaning Salters Stream), Saltrede, Saltreia : Anglo Saxon - early Norman from 1066

Saltreria, Saltre, Saltereye : 1146 - 1242 early medieval 12th Century - 13th Century

Saltreda : Medieval, 13th Century

Sautreia, Sawtereye :  Medieval, 13th Century

Sautreia, Sautre(ye) : Medieval, 13th Century

Sautre Monacorum :  13th to early 14th Century

Magna Salterya Monacorum : 14th Century

Majorum Sautre : 14th Century

Saltreya Le Moynne, Saltrey Le Moyne : 14th Century

Sautrey Beumeys, Sautre Beaumes : 14th Century

Saltretha : 14th to early 15th Century

Sautre : 15th Century

Sauetre : 15th Century

Sautre Moynes and Ivet : 16th Century -  Tudor (1568)

Sautreye Beaumes : 16th Century Tudor

Sawter : 16th Century Tudor

Sawtree : 17th Century

Sawtry Jewel : 17th - 18th Century

Sawtrey : 18th Century

Sawtry Bellers : 18th Century

Sawtry Jewitt and Moynes : 19th to early 20th Century

Sawtry: 20th Century to present

Information taken from "Place Names in Beds and Hunts" by Mawer and Stenton in Huntingdon Archives