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In remembrance of all those who died and were missing in action on the Anniversary of the Battle Of Ypres August 1917.



The Sawtry Census from 1841 to 1911 for Sawtry All Saints, Sawtry St Andrews and Sawtry Judith parishes and Sawtry All Saints and St Andrews Church Registers are now available for research at Sawtry Village Local History Archives in Sawtry Library. Sawtry History Society are currently collating other Family History statistics and Family History material.Please see Archive opening times for our regular monthly opening.Family History information is also available by appointment. Please contact us through our contact form on this website.


Sawtry History Society are having a stall at Sawtry Carnival on 10th June (weather permitting)where information on our Sawtry Abbey Project will be exhibited. Come and see the "The Geophysics equipment" as used on Time Team which is a computerised device to map what is under the ground. Artefacts, Census Records of Sawtry and other Local History information will be availableFAMILY HISTORY RESEARCH MATERIAL



SAWTRY HISTORY SOCIETY 40th Anniversary 1976 -2016

Sawtry History Society is 40 years old this year. It was formed in 1976 as Sawtry and District Archaeological Society after a successful dig in Sawtry Fen in 1974 when several Roman burial urns were found. The original meeting place was Sawtry Village College now Sawtry Academy and other projects such as field walks and digs took place in the years that followed noteably a dig in the fields at Archers Wood called Sawtry Judith Manor site in 1979, however it is believed that it was a Grange belonging to Sawtry Cistercian Abbey of St Mary. Sawtry Judith Manor site is believed to closer to the Abbey as there was a village settlement around the Church near the Abbey also named St Marys that stood there when the Domesday book was written in 1086. Many artefacts were found at the Archers Wood site and at other digs which we still have in the SHS Village Archive and can be seen at History Society Archaeological events or viewed at the Archive upon request.