Our Constitution

SAWTRY HISTORY SOCIETY -  CONSTITUTION                                          April 2017      

Note: This is an amended constitution based on the original one written when the Society was formed.

1. Name. 

          The original name of the Society was the SAWTRY & DISTRICT ARCHAEOLOGICAL SOCIETY, registered as Charity number 294789.  It shall now be the SAWTRY HISTORY SOCIETY and it will maintain it’s Charity status. 

2.  Aims.   

          As originally established these may be summarised as to research, secure and preserve  features of historical benefit in the broad field of local archaeology and to stimulate public interest in these activities by holdings meetings and exhibitions. With the passage of time member’s interests have changed and are now focused on activities of a more general historical rather than archaeological matters.

The aims of the Society may now be defined as:

a)       To research, record and preserve the history of Sawtry and other local villages.

b)       For the benefit of both contemporary and future generations to create a permanent archive of this history in the form of images, documents, artifacts and visual and audio recordings preserved both in material form and where suitable in digital form on a dedicated Internet website.

c)       To stimulate public interest in local history by publishing material and by holding meetings and exhibitions. 

3. Membership.       

          Membership of the Society shall be open to any individual regardless of age, race, disability, political or religious affiliation, sex or sexual orientation who is interested in helping the Society to achieve its aims, is willing to abide by Society rules  and to pay the Society’s annual subscription. The Society’s secretary will maintain a register of active members and all members present at Annual or Special general meetings will be entitled to vote. 
4. Management.  

          The following Officers, who will be elected at the Society’s Annual General Meeting, (AGM), will manage the Society: Chairperson, Treasurer and Secretary. In order to achieveit’s aims as a not for profit charitable organisation, the Officers will have  powers to:

a)   Co-opt up to three more members in an advisory non-voting capacity In order to form a  Working Committee, and, if necessary,
to remove any such member for good and proper reason. 

b)   Raise money, open bank accounts, make purchases and take out insurance.

c)   Organise meetings, events, open days and exhibitions

d)   Work with similar organisations to exchange information and advice.

e)   Hold an Annual General Meeting (AGM)and to call for Special General Meetings (SGM)  

f)    Appoint a member of the History Society to run the CCAN Digital Archive and act as a representative for CCAN, part of the wider Community Archive and Heritage Group. Attend CCAN meetings on behalf of the Society, to maintain the running of the Digital Archive which includes attending training and other upkeep of the Digital Archive. In the event of no one coming forward it shall be run by a committee member.

g) The Committee reserve the right to cancel the subscription to the CCAN Digital Archive Network if at any time there are issues that cannot be resolved or if it is felt the Society is not getting value for money.

5. The Duties of the Officers.

a) The Chairperson will chair meetings of the Working Committee and the Society; present a report of the Society’s
activities at the AGM, act as a spokesperson of the Society and represent it at other functions or meetings when necessary.

b)  The Treasurer will supervise the financial affairs of the Society; keep proper accounts showing all monies received by and paid out, present a financial report at the AGM and set up and maintain an asset register of all equipment purchased and owned by the Society.
y information relevant to the Society and in consultation with the other Officers prepare the agenda for meetings.     
c) The Secretary will keep and maintain a membership list; take and keep minutes of all Committee meetings; collect and circulate an

6. Finance.

         All monies received shall be applied to further the aims of the Society and for no other purpose.  

a)  Any bank accounts shall be opened in the name of the Society and shall require three signatories -  the Treasurer and two other members of the Working Committee.

b)  The Treasurer and one other signatory shall sign any cheques issued.

c)  Reasonable out-of-pocket expenses may be paid to the Officers and Committee members. 

The society accounts shall be audited or independently

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7.  Working Committee. 

         The Working Committee will meet at least four times a year, when all three Officers  must be present, Voting will be by a show of hands and in the event of a tied vote the Chairperson shall  have a second vote.  

8.  Annual General Meeting (AGM).

          Having given all members at least fourteen days notice an AGM shall  be held in each calendar year. It is necessary for at least six members to be present.  The business of the  AGM shall include:  

a) A report from the Chairperson on the Society’s activities during the year.

b) A report from the Treasurer on the Society finances to include a written summary of the accounts.  

c) The election, by members vote, of new Officers, or the re-election of existing Officers.

d)  An opportunity to consider any other matter as may be decided.  

9. Special General Meeting (SGM). 

           An SGM may be called at any time by the Officers, or by any other four  members, to discuss  urgent matters that are relevant to the Society. The Secretary shall give all members fourteen days notice of the business to be discussed.

10. Dissolution.

           The Society may be wound up at any time if agreed by two-thirds of those members present and voting at an AGM or SGM. In this event any assets remaining after all debts have been paid shall be offered either to another Society with similar aims or given to one or more other charitable organisations operating in the local area. Continued access to any of the dissolved Society’s material of historical interest shall be maintained by offering it to the Huntingdon Archive Office and continued access to any of the dissolved Society’s digital archive material shall be maintained by offering it to the Cambridgeshire Libraries, Archive and Information Service.

11. Alteration to the Constitution.

           Any changes to this Constitution must be agreed by at least two-thirds of those members present and voting at either an AGM or SGM.  

12. Adoption of the Constitution.

          Until the next AGM takes place the following persons whose names, addresses and signatures appear below shall act as the Officers of the Society and as members of the Working Committee. 

Original Signed

This constitution was adopted on 14th September 2009 and amendments were adopted at the AGM in March 2017.

Additional Information: This Constitution was originially written when the Society was formed in 1975 and amended in December 2008 when the name was changed from Sawtry and District Archaeology and History Society to Sawtry History Society. It was amended again in September 2009 when the aims of the Society changed and with the inclusion of the Cambridgeshire Community Digital Archive. It was amended again in April 2017.